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So that’s it. Today we put down the scissors, closed the order books and turned the lights off one final time. After four years of making aprons, it’s time for an extended break.

Since we first announced we were closing we’ve had some delightful, heartfelt messages we’ve been humbled to receive. When we started we wanted to make a premium product people cared about. From your feedback, we achieved our goal.

With us gone, we hope you find someone else to serve your apron needs. Despite the many requests, we’ve decided not to recommend one company as our successor. Not because they aren’t worthy, rather that everyone’s looking for something different.

Origin, price, style, use, customisation – factors you all care about, but with differing priorities. And every company does it their own way. Just know our fellow apron makers are out there if you look: you found us so you’ll find them too.

For us, we move onto pastures new. A life in France means a change of pace, of ambition and purpose. Firstly it’s time to reflect, to rest and to breath. Then to use all our new-found skills and see what impact we can have in another way.

Over the remainder of the year, our focus will be on developing a recreational retreat and co-working space in rural Brittany. Somewhere to teach and work in tranquil surroundings. It’s early days and there’s much to do, so we’ll need the time to focus and develop.

Yet once a maker, always a maker. We’ll continue to sew, for pleasure if little else, and should the conditions suit, we’ll be back to business. For now, goodbye, good luck and thank you; a business is nothing without its customers. Together we are Griff’s.