About Us

From Britain to Brittany.


It’s nice to meet you.

We are a small batch manufacturer who make aprons for the hospitality industry. Unapologetically niche, we focus our attention to achieve uncompromising results. We proudly make every single item that leaves our door, without rushing or cutting corners.

Born in Northampton, UK, in 2014 we are a child of our hometown’s industrial past. Once the global capital of boot and shoe making we carry the torch of the finest craftsman who went before. They were our grandfathers who handed down their passion for skills to us.

We don’t make shoes, but we do celebrate it through our work. Our products are monikered with those cobblers we love and admire; some still with us, others sadly gone. Plus we stitch exclusively in golden thread, our homage to the most renowned boots on the planet.

In April 2018 we closed for a hiatus to relocate from Britain to Brittany, France. In our time away we built a new home and refocused our business. Now with a new workshop, revised product line and continental location we serve customers across the UK and Europe.

Who we are

Together we make the finest products and offer outstanding customer service.

Emily Price

The primary contact for Griff’s, Emily personally designs and makes every apron that leaves our door.

Iain Griffin

Helping behind the scenes, Iain lends his talents to help maintain the website and process orders.

our Making statement

The rules we live by.


Each day we will make the best aprons we can and reward our customers with a product they’re proud to own and wear.


We will source the best materials for the job and patiently craft every single item that leaves our door.


We will charge a fair amount to reward a day’s labour. We will not compete on price; there will always be someone cheaper.