About Us

We are apron makers.

Born in Northampton, UK, in April 2014, we are a child of our hometown’s industrial past. Once the global capital of boot and shoe making we carry the torch of those finest of craftsman who went before. They were our grandfathers who have handed down their skills and passion for perfection to us.

While we don’t make shoes, we do celebrate it through our work. Our products are monikered with those cobblers we love and admire, some still with us, some sadly gone. And we stitch exclusively in golden thread, our ode to that most renown of boots.

We are unapologetically niche. We are apron makers. We focus our attention on our designs. We don’t deviate from our path. We don’t rush or cut corners. We proudly make every single item that leaves our door. We are Emily and Iain. We are Griff’s.

The Makers

Together in life since 1998, together in business since 2014, together we are Griff’s.

Emily Price

Creative Partner

A former school teacher, Emily’s spent years learning her craft from friends and family. She now handles all aspects of our manufacture, from the initial designs to personally making every single product we sell.

Iain Griffin

Managing Partner

A former web & radio producer, Iain’s spent years perfecting his geek-chic at various companies. He now handles day-to-day operations, meeting customers’ needs and keeping the office in working order.

Making Statement

Our one goal each day is to make the best aprons we can. By adapting expert knowledge from the past to make for the present. To reward everyone we serve with a product you’re proud to own and wear.

Durability is sewn in because we use only the finest materials. Our designs are trimmed, tailored and tested to perfection. We personally and patiently craft every single item that leaves our door.

Proudly born in an industrial heartland our aprons are special because they’re our speciality. We are a small-scale design-manufacturer. We are Emily and Iain. Together we are Griff’s.

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