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Home & Gift 

Give your customers the option of owning their very own Griff’s apron. We love working with online home and gift stores to provide stock for sale.  

We supply aprons to online stores on a drop ship basis. Carry no stock, promote our products and order once a sale is made. You even pay at the end of each month, so you’re never out of pocket

Choose from two apron collections – Home for house and garden, and Cook for chefs and backers. Product descriptions and images provided so it’s so simple to stock us.

How to order

Simply promote our products on your website and once you’ve made a sale follow these three steps:

Send us details

Send us a copy of the sales receipt. Complete with your customer’s shipping address so we can send direct.

We ship direct

We’ll send the item(s) direct to your customer. That’s if you don’t want to receive it yourself and forward on.

We invoice

We’ll log your sales throughout the month and invoice you at the end of ir. Payment should be made in 14 days.

How to register

Submit your details via the form and we’ll create you an account and send you a link to download a copy of our catalogue.

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