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Answers to questions

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I want to track the progress of my order

As we’re busy working away making it’s best to check your online account as to what’s happening. We’ll keep this up-to-date if it’s either processed, being made, or shipped.

I'd like to see and feel the fabrics used?

That’s, fine. We provide a Swatch Book if you want to check the fabric colours and quality.

I'd like to speak to you about something?

We’re happy to have a chat. Just send us a message via the form above along with your telephone number and a brief description of the nature of your enquiry. We’ll call you back as soon as we’re able.

I'd like to pay a visit?

Sorry, we don’t have a showroom and aren’t insured to allow customers on-site. 

I'm enquiring about advertising?

Sorry, we don’t conduct traditional marketing campaigns for television, radio and magazines. All our promotion is conducted on an affiliate basis. If you’re a blogger, podcaster, or someone who would like to work on a commission, please send us a message.

I’d like to stock your products in my (online) shop?

Great, that’s good news. You’ll want to become an affiliate or reseller, it’s how we supply aprons for resale. Read the information and request an account.

I’m looking for someone to manufacture a bespoke range?

We’re happy to discuss. We provide a bespoke design service for a fee to provide samples. We then work to provide you with a price-per-apron based on your needs.

I'd like to return an order

That’s fine. Please package up, print a copy of your receipt (or write your name and address) and send it to: Griff’s, 1 Chef de Ville, 56490, Meneac, France.

Do you only make aprons?

Yes, we do. Just aprons. Nothing else. We’re dedicated to making the best product we can and this requires our full attention.