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We make front of house aprons for servers, sommeliers, baristas & shopkeepers. Each meticulously designed for professional daily use and made with quality materials.

The waists

Our sleek half aprons. Tricker is our shortest cut, and Draper a little longer. Both designed for comfort and style.

  • Twin lap pocket with pen pouches
  • Long wrap-around waist ties
  • Belt and hanging loops

The Bibs

For full-body protection. Hornby is for petite adults, and Barratt for anyone larger. 

  • Twin lap pocket with pen pouches
  • Full-body coverage
  • Long wrap-around waist ties

The x-backs

For maximum comfort, with over the shoulder straps. Crockett is for petite adults, and Franklin for those larger.

  • Full-body coverage 
  • Adjustable over-the-shoulder ties
  • Twin lap pocket with pen pouches

For precise measurements please check the dimensions of each cut listed on its product page.


We make a quality apron, one that looks good and lasts long. To do this we make by hand using the finest materials sourced from across Europe.


Made with 100% cotton drill (255gsm) or denim (285gsm). Thick enough to protect, not overly to weigh you down. 


Waist and neck straps use 25mm wide, medium-weight 100% cotton black herringbone twill tape.

Button & clip

The adjustable branded dungaree clip, button and slider are custom-bronzed to give the perfect finish.


Each apron is available in one of 8 colours, finished with black piping and ties and sewn in our distinctive golden thread.

Black Candy Stripe (denim)

Black (denim)

Khaki (drill)

Maroon (drill)

Navy (denim)

Olive (drill)

Red Candy Stripe (denim)

Slate (drill)

For other colour options, please see our bespoke design service.


Aprons are designed for business and perfect for adding your own branding, whether printed or embroidered. We do not directly offer this service, but work with others who do.


To add logos or names, we recommend to:

  • Buy direct and take to your preferred service for finishing.
  • Order via one of our supplier services (coming soon).


Looking for a more bespoke service? Please contact us, we can help with:

  • Different fabrics and colours
  • Personalised finishings or trimmings

Questions & Answers

I previously ordered an apron with a logo from you?

Your artwork is available at Logo Studio. You can contact them directly to reorder and make payment. Alternatively you can buy from us and take to them for finishing.

My preferred printer isn't listed?
You can buy from us direct and take to them for finishing. Alternatively, ask them to request to be a resale supplier.
I want to sell my own range of bespoke aprons?

In that case you’re probably looking for something unique. We can work with you on the perfect design. We’ll then discuss the manufacturing and how we can work together. Please contact us to discuss.

Got other questions? Contact us.


We make professional aprons and serve individuals and business, no account required. Each purchase is made to order. It takes a little time to prepare but we promise it’s worth the wait.


There is no minimum quantity order. You can buy in any cut and colour combination you require. Add to your cart as necessary. Sorry, we do not offer discount on bulk orders.


The minimum turnaround is two weeks but will depend upon the quantity purchased. If you are working to a deadline please contact us to check our current workload.


We require full payment for the order to be confirmed. Payment by card only via our online checkout. Note: we are not registered for VAT .


Shipping is priced from France to anywhere in Europe based on the quantity ordered and the destination. For other destinations please contact us.





€6 £12 €14
Free £6 €7
Free Free Free


Your online account will show the status of your order:

  • Processed – Order paid for and confirmed.  
  • Manufacture – Currently being made.
  • Dispatched – Shipped and on its way.


If there’s a problem with your order you can return it to us (see our guarantee). Please download a copy of your receipt from your account and include in your parcel. Send to:

  • Griff’s, 1 Chef de Ville, 56490, Meneac, France

Wear & Care

We make a practical product for everyday use but just like anything you’d like to last a long time, our aprons require love and care too.



The first wash should be at cooler 30ªc. Subsequent washes can be 40ªc. Yes you can boil wash, but expect the apron’s lifespan to be reduced.


We recommend patience and drip drying. If you’re busy, tumble drying is possible but again expect the apron’s lifespan to be reduced.


You don’t have to iron your apron, but they look much smarter if you do. Press on a medium-to-high heat to rid those creases.

Questions & Answers

Will the apron stain?

We use 100% cotton. While it’s a durable material it will stain is using some oils and bleaches. 

Will the apron shrink?

If you wash on a hot heat there may be some shrinkage. This will be minimal and can be prevented with cooler washes.

Will the colour fade?

Yes, like all fabric the colour will fade over time the more it is washed.

Can I do a fabric test?

Yes, of course! If you’d like to conduct your own test before buying contact us and ask for a wash swatch. 


Our overriding aim is to have happy customers. As we use only the finest materials and design to perfection we guarantee all our aprons for one year.


Return your unused, unwashed apron to us within 30 days of buying and we’ll refund your purchase in full (excluding delivery).


If the stitching fails or parts break from ‘normal wear’ within one year of purchase, send us your apron and we’ll repair and return it for free.


If we can’t repair your apron to a good standard, we’ll replace it with a new one. The offer is valid for one year from purchase.

Parcels can be sent to: Griff’s, 1 Chef de Ville, 56490, Meneac, France.