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It is with a heavy heart we share the news we have decided to place Griff’s on an indefinite hiatus. We will continue for the next two months when we will finally cease operations at 5pm on 30th March 2018.

For the past four years we have thoroughly enjoyed designing and making aprons, meeting and serving all our wonderful customers. It’s humbling to know our product is used far and wide, by professionals and amateurs, and loved by so many. When we started an apron was mostly a joke garment; we leave a changed industry for the better.

There is no single reason for our decision and if we dug deep we could find answers, as we have repeatedly. Indeed, after recently purchasing a house in France it was fully our intention to move and take Griff’s with us knowing we had everything in place. Yet we hadn’t anticipated in the throes of doing so we’d find a new love to steal our attention.

For its entirety Griff’s has been forced to share its time with other jobs we worked. Splitting our attention and ambition has been hard and undoubtedly detrimental. So rather than continue to share our energies between projects we’ve opted for a clean slate, a single focus and a new project in France. This decision wasn’t taken lightly, and it’s so much more upsetting because we know it’s the right call to make.

If you’ve purchased from us in the past, thank you. It was an absolute pleasure to make every single apron. We know all your names and businesses and you all mean a lot to us. We’re sorry to be leaving you, especially as you put your faith and custom in our hands. If we can be of help one final time, please ask. If not, take care and godspeed.

Emily & Iain