As we previously announced, from 1st September 2017 we no longer provide embroidered logos as part of our service. But fear not, if you’d like to order aprons with business branding we’ve still got you covered.


Option 1

Order blank custom aprons from us and we’ll make to order.

Contact Logo Studio to arrange your artwork and make payment.

We will manufacture and send direct to Logo Studio for finishing.

They will ship to you when ready.


Option 2

If you’d rather just deal with one supplier, go direct to Logo Studio.

Tell them which aprons you’d like and they’ll order from us on your behalf.

We’ll make, send to them for finishing and they’ll ship to you once ready.


Option 3

If you have your artwork already with another printer or embroidery supplier.

Order blank aprons from us and we’ll make to order.

We’ll ship to you and you can take to them for finishing.

Or we can send direct to them at your request.

We recognise the inconvenience this change causes but it’s not a decision we have taken lightly. We hope you’ll continue to buy a Griff’s apron – whether directly from us, or via your preferred embroidery supplier.

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