We’re back!

After an extended break, we’re thrilled to announce Griff’s is back! While a lot has changed, some things remain the same.

We’re still focused on aprons, still committed to making everything ourselves, and still using only the finest materials.

Beyond that, it’s all-new!

New location

We’ve moved. Born in Northampton, and forever linked there, we’ve since crossed the channel to settle in France.

Finding the perfect spot for a better work/life balance we went about building a new apron studio to move into.

Even with the new location, we still sell all across Europe and price in pounds sterling.

New focus

Turns out our apron niche wasn’t niche enough! With too many options before, we’ve now simplified.

Having always made aprons for Front of House, we now only make for FoH. For baristas, servers, sommeliers and shopkeepers.

So no more aprons for cooks or cleaners, for the home or children. Our focus just got laser sharp.

New Designs

Specially-made for Front of House, they’re aprons that work. We’ve redesigned the cuts, the pockets and improved the trimmings. 

With 6 styles in total, each available in one of 8 elegant colours, it’s a collection like no other.

We’ve also introduced the x-back in two sizes – petite and regular – to offer all-day comfort.


New customisation

For all logos and personalisation we now directly supply to printers and embroiders.

Just go to your favourite anywhere and ask them for a Griff’s apron. If they’re not already tell them to become a reseller.

Or, you can just buy aprons from us and take to them for finishing. Either way your customisation is covered.

New Voices

As a small manufacturer we’ll never outspend the corporations. They’ll always have bigger budgets and broader margins than us.

We don’t want to play their game, we’ll play ours. The product is our value and our affiliates are our voice.

We’ve always considered the extended Griff’s family important. Now we’re inviting you to share in our success.

So while it’s the same old Griff’s, it’s not the same old business. We’ve spent the last year working really hard to get it right.

Reflecting on what we did well, and not so great, we’ve learnt from the past and adapted for the future.

From today the doors are back open and the machines are back whirling. We’d be happy to take your order and be at your service.

Let’s go!